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It starts with

Exceptional people. Insightful strategy. Transformative power.


The Prospector Difference.

We provide leadership solutions to organizations that make the world a better place.

Prospector is quality-driven, values-based, and relationship-focused. We empower our clients and enrich our community through insightful strategy and superior talent acquisition.


Leadership Search

We find the difference-makers.

People are the key to every successful organization. We help our clients secure their most vital asset: the right people to propel their organizations forward. Our placed candidates transform their organizations for the better. They shape corporate culture, set strategy, and elevate performance. Our candidates don't just do a job; they make a difference. And that's what makes us different, too.

We Search for value. And Values.

Executive search is a remarkably powerful tool for increasing the value of an organization. Every hire presents an opportunity to add depth and increase organizational capacity. We identify future superstars, in addition to established performers, by searching for exceptional talent on the way up. 

Whether our clients require a leader to drive growth, develop and implement a new strategy, stabilize or turn around a struggling organization, re-focus and align corporate culture, improve service delivery, deepen stakeholder engagement, or generate greater impact, we deliver the prospects to help them realize their goals.

Because Fit is everything.

Different environments call for different leadership solutions.  We create a custom fit for each client to suit their particular needs. Of course, fit is a two-way proposition: a successful hire creates value for both the client and the successful candidate. Our clients are driven to make their organizations stronger, more effective, and more successful; our candidates want to apply and develop their leadership capacity for the greater good. We seek alignment between the client's needs and the candidate's skills and passion, resulting in the perfect fit. Every time.


Advisory Services

business challenges Transformed into strategic advantages.

We provide advisory services to boards, executives, and leadership teams. We offer customized business solutions to help our clients articulate their objectives, choose effective strategies, and create action plans to achieve their goals. 


Our consulting services include:

  • board governance
  • strategic planning
  • business process improvement
  • competitive analysis
  • stakeholder consultations
  • team engagement
  • workforce planning
  • leadership development, assessment and coaching


  • transformation
  • change management
  • project management and administration
  • post-merger integration

We help our clients navigate complexity with practical solutions and fresh perspective. We help manage risk, and exploit opportunities for sustainable growth. We align teams with each other and with strategy. And we develop practical plans to turn ideas into action.



Our background.

Prospector was created to deliver custom leadership solutions, with impeccable accuracy, at exceptional value. The founding partners bring over 25 years of professional experience advising clients ranging from entrepreneurs to the Head of State. Prospector's bespoke model draws on experienced subject matter experts, rather than junior generalists, to add deeper insight into their clients' unique requirements. Prospector engages a roster of experts as associates to support clients' needs as required.

We cultivate leaders, empower organizations, and strengthen communities.

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Are you a Prospector candidate?

We are constantly expanding our network of established and emerging leaders. If you are a top 20% performer within your chosen field, and contribute to your community, we would be pleased to connect with you. We take a sincere interest in our candidates, getting to know their backgrounds, experiences, motivations, and dreams. Prospector cultivates relationships with candidates throughout their careers, and takes pride in developing their leadership potential.